Ruby Mountain
fictional story by Judy West

Ruby Mountain is the story of a young Native American girl and friend of Sacajawea, who escaped captivity from an enemy tribe and married an American during the earliest days of the fur trade and the expansion of European culture. Rich with real history and the grandeur of the northern Rockies, the story weaves the life of Naya Nuki with a trapper/geologist who recognizes the heavy stones are gemstones prized for jewelry and more.

Set during the early 1800s when the interior of North America was still wild and free, Mountain Men and Indians got together each summer for huge trading fairs called a Rendezvous by the French trappers who had been trapping the river systems up from New Orleans for decades. The British traded from the north via Hudson Bay for Canadian fur. The introduction of American settlers changed everything.

Naya struggles to escape the slavery imposed on native women. Her experience with early white men provides a complex perspective on the pros and cons of the new culture on women.
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